Anonymous: It would be so awesome if you did like your version of the harry potter cast.

I actually started sketching a drawing out of Harry, Hermione and Ron a few days ago, I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish it. I would love to do a piece of just Hermione or Luna though! (:

talesofascientist-deactivated20: your art is gorgeous!

thank you!

elroseabel: Love your art! I love Jane Eyre and Bon Iver too (:

thank you very much! ♡

drunkhurricane: your art work is so nice (that i had to reblog 3 peices) what do you use to do them?

thank you! I usually draw them out first and then scan them into photoshop to colour (:

animatronic-tiki-lounge: I love your work. I've been wondering, did you attend a college by any chance?

Thank you!

I’m currently in sixth form college which I believe is equivalent to highschool in the US? I plan on going to university/college next year to study English Literature and possibly art.

Anonymous: i like to find different pieces of art online and i've just came across your's i wanted to know if it was ok with you that i draw pieces of art similar to your's

As long as you only take inspiration and not make direct copies then that should be okay. (:

furrylittlepeach: Your drawing style is fantastic!

thank you! yours too, I love your watercolours!

toridori69: wow, your artwork is so wonderful! it is like what every girl on tumblr aspires to be!

wow! thank you very much! ♡

thewhitedeers: your art is amazingly beautiful and lovely! thank you for following

no problem I really love your artwork, and thank you!! (:

amynichol-deactivated20120128: Truly amazing work - and taste in music!

thank you very much!