Anonymous: It would be so awesome if you did like your version of the harry potter cast.

I actually started sketching a drawing out of Harry, Hermione and Ron a few days ago, I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish it. I would love to do a piece of just Hermione or Luna though! (:

Anonymous: do you enjoy YA books? if so, could you recommend some?

Yes! The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Outsiders, Little Women, Jane Eyre, On The Road, there’s so many. I’ve heard good things about John Green’s books for young readers but haven’t read them myself yet. You can also type ‘young adult’ into and find a whole list. 

talesofascientist-deactivated20: your art is gorgeous!

thank you!

elroseabel: Love your art! I love Jane Eyre and Bon Iver too (:

thank you very much! ♡

drunkhurricane: your art work is so nice (that i had to reblog 3 peices) what do you use to do them?

thank you! I usually draw them out first and then scan them into photoshop to colour (:

animatronic-tiki-lounge: I love your work. I've been wondering, did you attend a college by any chance?

Thank you!

I’m currently in sixth form college which I believe is equivalent to highschool in the US? I plan on going to university/college next year to study English Literature and possibly art.

Anonymous: i like to find different pieces of art online and i've just came across your's i wanted to know if it was ok with you that i draw pieces of art similar to your's

As long as you only take inspiration and not make direct copies then that should be okay. (:

furrylittlepeach: Your drawing style is fantastic!

thank you! yours too, I love your watercolours!

toridori69: wow, your artwork is so wonderful! it is like what every girl on tumblr aspires to be!

wow! thank you very much! ♡

thewhitedeers: your art is amazingly beautiful and lovely! thank you for following

no problem I really love your artwork, and thank you!! (: