Girl at home. (2)
(collage, mixed media)

This Is The Last Time // The National

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.. (by ben///giles)

Summer Day Quilt - 52” x 75”
I crave these colors in the Summertime. The juicy peaches and sunny yellows are at the same time theraputic and energizing. I started this modern take on the Courthouse Steps motif with a precious square of my all time favorite Leah Goren print, and from there it grew outwards. Along the way it became a study in perspective. As I added strips, I imagined the cheer it could bring to a home on a cloudy day. I give you now my snap shot of Summer, and hope your Summer is going well too (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). Here.
- Gina Rockenwagner

beata chrzanowska

(BYE Risograph Print in Medium Size by SarahMcNeil on Etsy)

having trouble sleeping. having trouble drawing anything bigger then this.